Launch Information

I’d love for you to consider joining the launch team for my 1st book, Grace-Healed Eyes.

In this book, I recount the redemptive journey of my family following the lowest points of my mother’s drug addiction. Through a compelling personal narrative and graceful prose, this memoir bears witness to the power of faith and love amid uncertainty and fear.

Dotted with moments of relatable humor, 90s pop culture, and a lived history of Chicago and its suburban communities, Grace-Healed Eyes inspires hope for families struggling together through seasons of crisis.

If you’ve been encouraged by anything I’ve written, preached, or posted, I’d love for you to join me in spreading the word!

In joining the launch team, you will receive:

  • Preview of Grace-Healed Eyes before it goes public.
  • Exclusive Access to our Launch Team Facebook Group
  • Behind-the-scene content

In joining the launch team, you can engage in 5 ways.
1. Pre-order the book from Amazon (Book release October 2022)
2. Join the Facebook group (you’ll be sent the FB Group link after you sign up!)
3. Start reading the book (you’ll receive a preview after you sign up!)
4. Share on your social media networks (content will be provided)
5. On launch day, post a review on Amazon.

I would be profoundly honored if you joined me in this. If you would like to join, simply fill out this brief form.